Something For The Environment

It’s no secret that the Earth is slowly dying. Needless to say, we are at fault; almost everything that we do affects her current situation.

I am envious how older people tell stories how beautiful the Philippines once was, but at the same time I am disappointed on what it has become. Baguio once was really a site to see; yet today, houses grew like mushrooms, and you might even say “parang bundok na tinubuan ng bahay”. Have you seen Boracay? Notice that it gets more crowded every year, and has more clutter compared to your last visit. Have you joined any fun runs lately? Regardless the place, after every run, plastic bottles and cups pile up the road.

Amidst all of this, we can do something for the environment, our environment. Maybe I’m just selling it to you, but I am not telling you to abandon the things you do or drop the way you do things, and live a life very saintly, it’s your life; nonetheless, it’s our Earth.

What I am asking is to care a little more. Care a little more on the big things we think and take too little. I appreciate how modernized and helpful technology is; it does make everything easier and more comfortable. But in attempt to modernize everything, we replace forests, farms, and other lands into establishment – condominiums, hotels and resort etc. which do bring in money but at what cost?

It doesn’t have to be a big of a move, even with little actions we can protect, and perhaps delay and reduce Earth’s destruction. Remember these 3 clichéd words: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.



  • Don’t keep the water running when you brush your teeth, wash the dishes, or take a bath.
  • Optimize the use of your paper, and notebook. Don’t just peel or throw it away.
  • Donating old clothes and other items.
  • Try taking a walk or riding a bicycle instead of riding taxis, jeeps, tricycle all the time.
  • Cutting your smoking habits.
  • Cutting down electric bills by using less appliances.
  • Support use of solar energies and other natural less damaging resources.


  • Using reusable bags rather than using paper and plastic bags at the market.
  • Use leftovers as fertilizers to your garden.
  • Plant seeds of your fruits in your backyard.


  • Turn plastic bottles into decoration – pots, bags, lanterns
  • Turn old clothes into something else – rags, bags, jackets
  • Turn old magazines and newspaper into an artwork as a bonding time with your children.

It’s the small actions that makes big changes. Wouldn’t you want your family to go to places which is greener and less urbanized? Wouldn’t you wish that future generations can still catch the magnificence of our environment? Regardless if it’s only you who are doing the above mentioned things about reducing, reusing, and recycling, you must continue. We do live in a monkey see monkey do society; and if people see more people (especially the influential ones) doing right things maybe they’ll follow suit. It’s about time we make our own decisions about this issue. I’ve made my choice, have you made yours?



Dalawampu’t walo.
Yan ang bilang ng taon na kayo’y magkasama
Dalawampu’t walong taong pag-iibigan
Dalawampu’t walong taong walang sawang pagbobolahan
Sa sobrang bolohan ay naging hugis na ni nanay.
Inabot lamang ng anim na taon para makabuo kayo ng isang pamilya
Anim na taon para magbunga ng
Isang matalinong panaganay, isang guwapong pangalawa, at isang makulit na bunso.
Pero sa isang araw na ito ay pagasensyahan, at
Ang tanging handog namin sa inyo ay isang letrato na kukunin pa lang,
Isang araw na magiging alaala
At ilang maiiksi’t hindi masyadong pinagpiliang salita.
Simulan natin sa iyo, Inay.
Ang tanging nais naming hawakan ay ang iyong kamay, Inay.
‘Yang napakaliit mong kamay na gumabay at nagpalaki sa amin
Pero hilig din pala naming hawakan ang iyong bulubunduking bilbil,
‘Yang malasanggol mong ulo sa cute
At ‘yang napakatalbog mong lambi na tulad ng kay Coach Anzai.
Sunod… Aming Itay.
Ang tanging nais naming akapin ay ikaw, Itay
Ikaw po, na kahit isang beses sa isang linggo kung maligo
Ay siya pa ring pinakamabangong nilalang na kilala,
Na sa sobrang bango’y isda o kare-kare na lang ang kulang dahil may bagoong na.
(Hahaha. Biro lang)
Hindi magsasawang akapin, para pigilan bumanat ng mga lumang birong
‘di namin masabayan.
Ang tanging nais namin makapiling ay ikaw kayo, mahal naming ama’t ina.
Sa inyo pong dalawa,
Sa dalawang pinakasinugaling na taong kilala namin,
Salamat po.
Sa pagbigay ng huling pirasong pandesal, dahil sabi niyo’y kayo’y busog na,
Sa pagpapaypay buong magdamag sa mga gabing walang ilaw at kuryente, dahil sabi niyo kayo’y di pa inaantok
Sa pagsabi ng wala na, kahit mayroon pa.
At sa pagsabi ng mayroon pa kahit walang wala na.
Siguro ang tanging nais naming sabihin ay
Alam niyo na,
Mahal ang bigas ngayon.. =)
Ah este, mahal namin kayo.
Sa inyo pong dalawa, ang araw na ito ay hindi sapat, pero siguradong nararapat.
Maligayang Anibersayo sa pinakamamahal naming magulang.




A conversation with a random person got me thinking. And the talk started at some point when he shares. . .

“You look uninspired. Uhm. Are you in a relationship right now? Do you have a girlfriend?”


“Since birth?”

“Nope, I had a girlfriend for three years during college, but a few months prior our graduation, we both decided to call it quits.”

“Well, the reason I asked is because you might consider looking for a partner. Having someone inspire you and someone who you can talk to about the things you can’t discuss with your family or friends can be enlightening.”


I acknowledge everything that the guy said, I mean, having a person that drives you to be better for better or worse days is undeniably a great thing. But somehow, it didn’t make me think that I needed a girlfriend, but it got me thinking when was the last time I was inspired in doing something. To be honest, I can’t really remember the most recent one. But it did remind me of my childhood school years.

When we were kids, what usually gets us pumped up are mostly what we see in television, by that time, I’m thinking anime or cartoons. For example, after watching Power Rangers or Dragon Ball, at the end of the show, we actually wanted to be like them – stronger, wiser, and cooler.

Another thing that gets us on our toes are our childhood or school crushes. I think some of us would agree that we tried something crazy or discreet for them to notice us; and we really wanted them to be impressed in whatever things that we do. The upside of this for me, was I wanted to get higher grades for my crush to notice me, like when times the teacher praised me if I got high grades or perfect score, and I was always hoping that she be impressed by how I do in school. Down side of that is when unfortunately when I flunk, the embarrassment is also doubled.






I guess I just miss the feeling of being inspired by someone; that feeling that you seemingly like secretly competing with your crush; that feeling that you always wanted to be better, even if the only reason you had was you just wanted to impress your crush.